Selecting the Auto Calibration type [Calibration Type]

You can select a calibration type after you have performed the Auto Calibration and saved the settings.
For details on Auto Calibration, refer to the supplied Operating Instructions.

  1. Select [Sound Effect] - [Calibration Type] from the home menu.
  2. Press / to select the setting you want.
    • Full Flat: Makes the measurement of frequency from each speaker flat.
    • Engineering: Sets to “the Sony listening room standard” frequency characteristics.
    • Front Ref.: Adjusts the characteristics of all of the speakers to match the characteristics of the front speaker.
    • Off


  • This function does not work in the following cases:
    • [Direct] is selected and an analog input is selected.
    • Headphones are connected.
  • The receiver may play signals at a lower sampling frequency than the actual sampling frequency of the input signals, depending on the audio format.