Connecting the receiver to the network using LAN cables

The following illustration is an example configuration of a home network with the receiver, and a computer.


LAN cable (not supplied)

Wireless access point, etc.

Network camera, etc.





  • Connect a router to one among ports 1 to 8 of the receiver using only one LAN cable. Do not connect the same router to the receiver using more than one LAN cable. It may cause a malfunction.
  • Ports No. 1 and No. 2 support PoE (Power over Ethernet, Alternative A). If you connect a PoE-compatible device to one of these ports, power will be supplied to the device from the receiver.
  • You can also connect a device that does not support PoE to the PoE port.
  • The PoE port lights in red while supplying power.
  • This receiver supports PoE Class 3.