Switching between digital and analog audio (Input Mode)

When you connect devices to both digital and analog audio input jacks on the receiver, you can fix the audio input mode to either device, or switch from one to the other, depending on the type of material you intend to watch.

  1. Select [Setup] - [Input Setup] from the home menu.
  2. Select the [Input Mode] setting for the input you want.
    • Auto: Gives priority to digital audio signals. If there is more than one digital connection, HDMI audio signals have priority.
      If there is no digital audio signals, analog audio signals are selected. When TV input is selected, priority is given to Audio Return Channel (ARC) signals. If your TV does not support the ARC function, digital optical audio signals are selected.
    • Optical: Specifies input of digital audio signals to the OPTICAL jack.
    • Coaxial: Specifies input of digital audio signals to the COAXIAL jack.
    • Analog: Specifies input of analog audio signals to the AUDIO IN (L/R) jacks.