5. Performing Auto Calibration

You can perform automatic calibration from your listening position.

  1. Select [Setup] - [Speaker Setup] from the home menu.
  2. Select [Auto Calibration].
  3. Follow the instructions on the TV screen, then press to select [Start].

    The measurement starts in 5 seconds.
    The measurement process will take approximately 30 seconds with a test tone.
    When the measurement ends, a beep sounds and the screen switches.

  4. Select the item you want.
    • Save: Saves the measurement results and exits the setting process.
    • Retry: Performs the Auto Calibration again.
    • Discard: Exits the setting process without saving the measurement results.
    For details on the measurement results, see “6. Checking Auto Calibration results.”
  5. Save the measurement results.

    Select [Save] in step 4.

Calibration Matching

When Auto Calibration is executed, this function works automatically, matching the distance and level of the right and left speakers. You can set this function only after the D.C.A.C. measurement process has been completed and the results of the D.C.A.C. measurement are saved. The setting is valid until you change it.



  • You can also perform automatic calibration by pressing the AUTO CAL button on the remote control. If you use the AUTO CAL button, the following restrictions apply to the operation:
    • Prior settings relating to the Auto Calibration will be skipped.
    • You can only use the display panel for the operation.
  • The Auto Calibration function will be canceled if you perform the following during the measurement process:
    • Turn the receiver on or off.
    • Press the input buttons on the remote control or on the receiver.
    • Press .
    • Press SPEAKERS on the receiver.
    • Press HDMI OUTPUT.
    • Press AMP MENU.
    • Press HOME.
    • Press AUTO CAL.
    • Change the volume level.