Switching the monitors that output the HDMI video signals

If you have connected two monitors to the HDMI OUT A and HDMI OUT B (ZONE 2) jacks, you can switch the output for these two monitors using the HDMI OUTPUT button on the remote control.

  1. Turn on the receiver and the two monitors.
  2. Press HDMI OUTPUT.

    Each time you press the button, the output will be switched as follows:

    HDMI A - HDMI B (*) - HDMI A+B (*) - HDMI OFF

    * Unavailable when [HDMI Out B Mode] is set to [Zone2].


  • [HDMI A+B] may not work if the compatible video formats of the monitors connected to the HDMI OUT A jack and the HDMI OUT B (ZONE 2) jack of the receiver are different.
  • [HDMI A+B] may not work depending on the playback device you connect.
  • When you connect two Dolby Vision-compatible TVs to the receiver and select [HDMI A+B], Dolby Vision content is output in the HDR10 or SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) format. To enjoy Dolby Vision content as it is, connect only one Dolby Vision-compatible TV to the receiver, or select either [HDMI A] or [HDMI B].


  • You can also use HDMI OUT on the receiver to switch the monitor.