Synchronizing audio with video output (A/V Sync)

You can delay the output of audio to minimize the time gap between audio output and a visual display.

This function is useful when using a large LCD or plasma monitor or a projector. You can set the function for each input independently.

  1. Select [Setup] - [Audio Setup] from the home menu.
  2. Select [A/V Sync].
  3. Select the setting you want.
    • HDMI Auto: The time gap between the audio output and visual display of a monitor connected via an HDMI connection will be adjusted automatically. This function is available only when the monitor supports the A/V Sync function.
    • 0 ms – 300 ms: You can adjust the delay from 0 ms to 300 ms in 10 ms intervals.


  • The receiver may play signals at a lower sampling frequency than the actual sampling frequency of the input signals, depending on the audio format.