HDR (High Dynamic Range) images cannot be displayed in HDR mode.

  • Depending on the TV or video equipment, HDR images may not be displayed in HDR mode. Check the video capability and setting of your TV or video equipment.
  • Some video equipment may not output HDR contents in HDR mode if [HDMI Signal Format] is set to [Standard format], even if both TV and video equipment support HDR and 18 Gbps band width. In this case, set [HDMI Signal Format] of selected input to [Enhanced format] in the [HDMI Setup] menu. When you select [Enhanced format], use Premium High Speed HDMI cables with Ethernet which can support bandwidth up to 18 Gbps.
  • When you connect two Dolby Vision-compatible TVs to the receiver and select [HDMI A+B], Dolby Vision content is output in the HDR10 or SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) format. To enjoy Dolby Vision content as it is, connect only one Dolby Vision-compatible TV to the receiver, or select either [HDMI A] or [HDMI B].