Naming preset stations (Name Input)

  1. Select [Listen] - [FM TUNER] or [AM TUNER] from the home menu.
    If the Simple mode screen appears, switch to the Full mode screen by pressing OPTIONS and selecting [Full] in [FM/AM Display] from the options menu.
  2. Select the preset number to which you want to assign a name.
  3. Press OPTIONS.

    The options menu appears.

  4. Select [Name Input].

    An on-screen keyboard appears on the TV screen.

  5. Press /// and to select characters one by one to enter the name.
  6. Select [Enter].

    The name you entered is registered.

Canceling naming input



  • Some letters that can be displayed on the TV screen cannot be displayed on the display panel.


  • You can also select [Name Input] from [Tuner Setup] in the [System Setup] menu instead of performing steps 1 to 4.