Bar Speaker


Illustration indicating the location of each part on the front and top of the bar speaker

  1. (power) button

    Turns on the speaker system or sets it to standby mode.

  2. (input select) button

    Selects the input for playback on the speaker system.

  3. BLUETOOTH button

  4. (MUSIC SERVICE) button

    If you have previously played music on Spotify on the speaker system, you can resume playback by pressing this button.

    This button may not be available in some countries/regions.

  5. +/ (volume) buttons

  6. Top speakers

    Output the sound upward.


    • Do not put anything on the top speaker or touch the top speaker carelessly.
  7. BLUETOOTH indicator

    • Flashes quickly in blue: During pairing standby status
    • Flashes in blue: BLUETOOTH connection is being attempted.
    • Lights in blue: BLUETOOTH connection has been established.
  8. Front panel display

  9. Remote control sensor

    Point the remote control at the remote control sensor to operate the speaker system.


Illustration indicating the location of each part on the rear of the bar speaker

  1. IR repeater

    Transmits the remote signal of the TV remote control to the TV.

  2. S-CENTER OUT jack

  3. (USB) port

  4. HDMI OUT (TV (eARC/ARC)) jack

    Connect a TV that has an HDMI input jack with an HDMI cable. The speaker system is compatible with eARC and ARC. ARC is the function that sends TV sound to an AV device such as the speaker system from the TV’s HDMI jack. eARC is an extension of ARC and enables transmission of the object audio and multi-channel LPCM content that cannot be transmitted with ARC.

  5. HDMI IN 1 jack

  6. HDMI IN 2 jack

  7. AC inlet

  8. TV IN (OPT) jack

  9. ANALOG IN jack