Updating the Software

By updating your software to the latest version, you can take advantage of the newest functions.

For information about update functions, visit the following website:


  • It may take up to 20 minutes for the update to be completed.
  • An Internet environment is necessary to perform updates via the Internet.
  • While the updating operation is in progress, do not turn on or off the speaker system, disconnect the AC power cord (mains lead), disconnect/connect an HDMI cable, or operate the speaker system or TV. Wait for the software update to complete.
  • Set [Setup] - [Advanced Settings] - [Network Settings] - [Auto Update Settings] - [Auto Update] to [On] when you want to perform software updates automatically. Software update may be performed even if you select [Off] in [Auto Update] depending on the details of the updates.
  1. When using the optional subwoofer, make sure that it is turned on and connected to the speaker system. When using the rear speakers, make sure that they are connected to the wall outlet (mains), turned on, and connected to the speaker system.

    The power indicator(s) of the optional subwoofer and/or rear speaker light(s) in green.

  2. Press HOME.

    The home menu appears on the TV screen.

  3. Select [Setup] - [Advanced Settings] on the home menu.

    If the speaker system detects update information for the speaker system on the network, the update notification and [Software Update] appear on the home menu. In this case, select [Software Update] and follow the on-screen instructions.

  4. Select [Software Update].

    The [Software Update] screen appears on the TV screen.

  5. Select the item for updating.

    Select the updating item from the following items by pressing (up)/ (down) and (enter), then update the software by following the on-screen instructions.

    When a software update starts, the speaker system automatically reboots.

    During a software update, [UPDATE] appears in the front panel display.

    After the update is complete, the speaker system automatically reboots.

[Network Update]

Updates the software using the available network. Make sure that the network is connected to the Internet.

[USB Update]

Updates the software using a USB memory. For details on updating, refer to the instructions that are displayed when downloading the update file.

[Wireless Speakers Update]

When updating the software, connect the wireless speaker to the AC outlet (mains) and turn on.
Updates the software of the optional subwoofer and rear speakers when the software of the speaker system is the latest version.


  • You can perform [USB Update] by pressing and holding the BLUETOOTH and (power) button on the bar speaker for 7 seconds.
  • If updating of the optional subwoofer or rear speakers does not work, move them to a location near the bar speaker and update.