Playing Music with the Amazon Music App

By operating a smartphone/iPhone on which the Amazon Music app is installed, you can play music from Amazon Music.

You can play 360 Reality Audio compatible music available on Amazon Music as well.

To play 360 Reality Audio compatible music, you need to subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited.


  • To download the app and use network services, additional registrations and payment of communication charges and other fees may be required.
  1. Download and install the Amazon Music app on your smartphone/iPhone.

  2. Start the Amazon Music app and select music of your choice for playback.

    The music tracks indicated with the [360] icon are compatible with 360 Reality Audio.

  3. Tap the cast icon ( ).
  4. Select the speaker system as the music playback destination.

    Tap the speaker system's name displayed with the Alexa Cast icon ( ) or cast icon ( ).


  • When selecting a playback device, selecting the speaker system's name displayed with the AirPlay icon ( ) does not enable 360 Reality Audio playback.
  • With Sony | Music Center, you can check the streaming services that provide 360 Reality Audio compatible music. On Sony | Music Center, select the speaker system and then select [Settings] - [About 360 Reality Audio] - [Next].
  • The specifications and design of the app may change without notice.