[System Settings]


You can select the language you want for the speaker system on-screen display.


[On]: Remote signals for the TV are sent from the rear of the bar speaker.

[Off]: Turns off the function.

[Network/Bluetooth Standby]

[On]: You can turn the speaker system on via the network or BLUETOOTH function.

[Off]: You can save power in standby mode. It may take time for sound to be output from the optional subwoofer or rear speakers after turning the speaker system on in this mode.


  • If you agree to use the Chromecast built-in function, [Network/Bluetooth Standby] automatically switches to [On].
  • If you set [RF Channel] to [On], [Network/Bluetooth Standby] automatically switches to [On].

[Auto Standby]

[On]: Turns on the [Auto Standby] function. When you do not operate the speaker system while no signal is input for about 20 minutes, the speaker system enters standby mode automatically.

[Off]: Off

[Device Name Setting]

You can change the name of this speaker system according to your preference when using the following functions.

  • The BLUETOOTH function
  • The home network
  • Spotify
  • Chromecast built-in

Follow the on-screen instructions and use the software keyboard to enter the name.

[System Information]

You can display the speaker system information such as the software version.

[Software License Information]

You can display the Software License Information.