Using AirPlay

The speaker system is compatible with AirPlay 2. You can select music content on an iOS device such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and stream it to the speaker system.

  1. Connect the iOS device by Wi-Fi to the same network as that of the speaker system.
  2. Play the music you want to stream on the iOS device.
  3. Display the AirPlay icon ( ) on the iOS device and tap it.
  4. Select the speaker system as the speaker to stream to on the iOS device.

    The music is played on the speaker system.


  • You can also select other speakers at the same time as the speaker system, and stream music through multiple speakers.

Streaming music on the speaker system by talking to Siri

If you add the speaker system to the Home app on the iOS device, you can stream music to the speaker system by talking to Siri.


  • Since the speaker system does not have a microphone, you cannot talk to the speaker system to operate it.
  • Not all features of Siri are available on the speaker system.