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This speaker system incorporates Dolby(*) Digital and the DTS(**) Digital Surround System.

* Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. Dolby, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, and the double-D symbol are registered trademarks of Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation. Confidential unpublished works. Copyright © 2012–2020 Dolby Laboratories. All rights reserved.

**For DTS patents, see
Manufactured under license from DTS, Inc. DTS, DTS:X, and the DTS:X logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of DTS, Inc. in the United States and other countries. © 2020 DTS, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

The BLUETOOTH® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Sony Corporation is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.

The terms HDMI, HDMI High-Definition Multimedia Interface, and the HDMI Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing Administrator, Inc.

Google, Google Play, Google Home and Chromecast built-in are trademarks of Google LLC. Google Assistant is not available in certain languages and countries.

Apple, AirPlay, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Siri are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Use of the Works with Apple badge means that an accessory has been designed to work specifically with the technology identified in the badge and has been certified by the developer to meet Apple performance standards.

“BRAVIA” logo is a trademark of Sony Corporation.

WALKMAN® and WALKMAN® logo are registered trademarks of Sony Corporation.

“PlayStation” is a registered trademark or trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.

MPEG Layer-3 audio coding technology and patents licensed from Fraunhofer IIS and Thomson.

Windows Media is either a registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

This product is protected by certain intellectual property rights of Microsoft Corporation. Use or distribution of such technology outside of this product is prohibited without a license from Microsoft or an authorized Microsoft subsidiary.

Wi-Fi®, Wi-Fi Protected Access® and Wi-Fi Alliance® are registered trademarks of Wi-Fi Alliance.

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™, WPA™, and WPA2™ are trademarks of Wi-Fi Alliance.

LDAC™ and LDAC logo are trademarks of Sony Corporation.

LDAC is an audio coding technology developed by Sony that enables the transmission of High-Resolution (Hi-Res) Audio content, even over a Bluetooth connection. Unlike other Bluetooth compatible coding technologies such as SBC, it operates without any down-conversion of the Hi-Res Audio content(*), and allows approximately three times more data(**) than those other technologies to be transmitted over a Bluetooth wireless network with unprecedented sound quality, by means of efficient coding and optimized packetization.

*excluding DSD format contents

**in comparison with SBC (Subband Coding) when the bitrate of 990 kbps (96/48 kHz) or 909 kbps (88.2/44.1 kHz) is selected

This product contains software that is subject to the GNU General Public License (“GPL”) or GNU Lesser General Public License (“LGPL”). These establish that customers have the right to acquire, modify, and redistribute the source code of said software in accordance with the terms of the GPL or the LGPL.

For details of the GPL, LGPL and other software licenses, please refer to [Software License Information] under [Setup] - [Advanced Settings] - [System Settings] on the product.

You may find a copy of the relevant source code as required under the GPLv2 (and other licenses) at

You may obtain the source code as required by the GPLv2 on a physical medium from us for a period of three years after our last shipment of this product by applying through the form at

This offer is valid to anyone in receipt of this information.

Please note that Sony cannot answer or respond to any inquiries regarding the content of this source code.

“DSEE Extreme” is a trademark of Sony Corporation.

“TRILUMINOS” and “TRILUMINOS” logo are a registered trademark of Sony Corporation.

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*Depending on the country and region, this function may not be available.

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