Installing the Bar Speaker

Install the bar speaker in the same location as your TV. The bar speaker can be installed on a shelf, such as a TV stand, or mounted on a wall.

Installing on a shelf/stand

Install the bar speaker in an empty space in front of the TV.

Mounting on a wall

Mount the bar speaker on the wall under the TV.

To set up with the optional subwoofer and/or rear speakers

Complete the setup of the speaker system following the Startup Guide. And then connect the optional speakers to the speaker system referring to the operating instructions supplied with optional speakers.

If the optional speaker cannot connect to the speaker system, resetting the speaker system may solve this problem. For details, see “Resetting the Speaker System”.

When the sound from the optional speakers skips, it may be improved by changing the installation position or setting. For details, see “ No sound is output from the optional rear speakers/subwoofer. ”.


  • Before connecting the speaker system, disconnect the AC power cords (mains leads) of the TV and AV devices from the AC outlets (mains). Reconnect them after connecting the speaker system to a TV and AV devices.
  • Do not place metal objects near the speaker system. Wireless functions may become unstable.
  • Do not cover the top of the speaker. It may interrupt the sound output from the top of the speaker.
  • There are ventilation holes at the rear of the speaker. Place the speaker away from a TV or a wall at a distance of 10 mm (13/32 in) or more.