About Manuals of the Speaker System

The information included in each manual is as shown below.

Startup Guide

Introduces the initial procedures concerning installation and connection for using the speaker system, and operations until you play music.

Operating Instructions

Explains the basic operations.

  • Connection with a TV or other devices
  • Playback for music/sound of devices connected with an HDMI cable or the BLUETOOTH function
  • Sound adjustment, etc.

Help Guide (Web manual) (this document)

Provides all operations including advanced usage.

  • Playback for music/sound with the network function
  • Details on menu items, etc.


  • The instructions in these manuals describe operations using the controls on the remote control.
    You can use the buttons on the bar speaker if they have the same or similar names as those on the remote control.
  • Characters in brackets [ ] appear on the TV screen or front panel display.
  • Details are omitted from the illustrations.