About the Connection of the Headphones

  • You may not be able to adjust the volume level depending on the BLUETOOTH compatible headphones.
  • Input of BLUETOOTH is disabled when [Setup] - [Advanced Settings] - [Bluetooth Settings] - [Bluetooth Mode] is set to [Off] or [Transmitter].
  • You can register up to 9 BLUETOOTH devices. If a 10th BLUETOOTH device is registered, the oldest connected BLUETOOTH device will be overwritten by the new one.
  • The speaker system can display up to 15 detected BLUETOOTH devices in the [Device List].
  • You cannot change the sound effect or settings while transmitting sound to the BLUETOOTH compatible headphones.
  • Playback of audio/music on the BLUETOOTH device is delayed compared to that on the speaker system due to the characteristics of BLUETOOTH wireless technology.
  • You can enable or disable the reception of LDAC audio from the BLUETOOTH device in [Bluetooth Settings].