Listening to Music on a USB Device

You can play music files stored on a connected USB device.

  1. Connect the USB device to the (USB) port.

  2. Press HOME.

    The home menu appears on the TV screen.

  3. Select [Listen] - [USB (Connected)] on the home menu.
  4. Select the folder on which songs are stored, then select a song.

    The selected song is played and sound is output from the speaker system.

  5. Adjust the volume.


  • Do not remove the USB device during operation. To avoid data corruption or damage to the USB device, turn the speaker system off before connecting or removing the USB device.


  • You can select the USB input directly by pressing USB on the remote control.

About the music playback screen

Select the following buttons on the screen by pressing (left)/ (right), then press (enter).

  • (play)/ (pause)

    Starts or pauses playback.

    You can also operate by using (play/pause) on the remote control.

  • (previous)/ (next)

    Plays the previous or next music file.

    You can also operate by using (previous)/ (next) on the remote control.

  • (Shuffle play)

    Shuffles the playback order. Each time you press (enter), on/off of the shuffle play is switched.

  • (Repeat play)

    Press (enter) repeatedly to switch the repeat mode.

    Repeat mode Explanation
    (Repeat all) Repeats all music files.
    (Repeat folder) Repeats all music files in a folder.
    (Repeat one) Repeats a music file that is being played.
    (Off) Cancels the repeat play.


  • You can rewind/fast forward by pressing and holding (previous)/ (next) on the remote control during playback.