Enjoying Multiplex Broadcast Sound (AUDIO)

You can enjoy multiplex broadcast sound when the speaker system receives a Dolby Digital multiplex broadcast signal.

  1. Press AUDIO repeatedly to select the desired audio signal.

    The audio signal appears on the TV screen.

    • [Audio: Main]: Sound of the main language is output.
    • [Audio: Sub]: Sound of the sub language is output.
    • [Audio: Main/Sub]: Main sound is output from the left speaker and sub sound is output from the right speaker.


  • To output Dolby Digital sound, you need to connect a TV that is compatible with eARC or ARC to the HDMI OUT (TV (eARC/ARC)) jack with the HDMI cable (supplied), or other devices to the HDMI IN 1 or HDMI IN 2 jack with an HDMI cable (not supplied).
  • If your TV’s HDMI IN jack is not compatible with eARC or ARC, connect the TV to the TV IN (OPT) jack with an optical digital cable (not supplied) to output Dolby Digital sound.
  • The audio signal does not appear on the TV screen while the TV input is selected. In this case, you can check the audio signal in the front panel display.