Operating the Speaker System by Interlocking with a TV Compatible with the “BRAVIA” Sync Function

BRAVIA” Sync is an extended function developed by Sony based on the Control for HDMI function. By connecting “BRAVIA” Sync-compatible devices such as a TV or a Blu-ray Disc player using an HDMI cable, you can control the devices by interlocking them with each other.

To use “BRAVIA” Sync

BRAVIA” Sync is enabled by enabling the Control for HDMI function of the Sony device.

What you can do with “BRAVIA” Sync

Control for HDMI function

  • Power interlocking
  • Volume adjustment
  • Menu Operation by TV Remote Control
  • Language Follow
  • One-Touch Play Function

Sound mode/Scene Select function

The sound mode of the speaker system is automatically switched according to the setting of the TV’s Scene Select function or sound mode. To use this function, you need to set the sound mode to [Auto Sound].

Home Theatre Control function

Setting the speaker system, setting the sound mode settings, input switching, etc. can be done without switching the TV input.