Prerequisite: Making the Initial Settings for Chromecast built-in

The speaker system is compatible with Chromecast built-in, which can stream music to the speaker from the mobile device.

  1. Press HOME.

    The home menu appears on the TV screen.

  2. Select [Listen] - [Chromecast built-in] on the home menu.

    Follow the steps that appear on the screen.
    After performing the settings, [Network/Bluetooth Standby] is set to [On] automatically and you can play music quickly even when the speaker system is in standby mode.

Playing and controlling your music with Google Assistant

This speaker system is compatible with a Google Assistant-enabled device with Chromecast built-in so you can control your music with your voice. Simply link the speaker system to the Google Home app on your mobile device. For details, refer to the Google Home app.