Listening to Music from the Paired Device

  1. Turn the BLUETOOTH function of the mobile device to on.
  2. Press the BLUETOOTH button.

    The speaker system automatically reconnects to the mobile device it was most recently connected to.

  3. Make sure that the BLUETOOTH indicator on the bar speaker lights in blue and [BT] appears in the front panel display.

    A connection between the speaker system and mobile device has been established.

  4. Start audio playback with the music app on the connected mobile device.

    Sound is output from the speaker system.

  5. Adjust the volume.

    You can play or pause the content by using the playback operation buttons on the remote control.


  • If sound delay occurs, it may be improved by setting [Setup] - [Advanced Settings] - [Bluetooth Settings] - [Bluetooth Connection Quality] to [Priority on Stable Connection].


  • When the connection is not established, select “HT-A7000” on the mobile device.

To disconnect the mobile device

Perform any of the following items.

  • Disable the BLUETOOTH function on the mobile device.
  • Press the BLUETOOTH button while the [Bluetooth Audio] screen appears on the TV screen.
  • Set [Setup] - [Advanced Settings] - [Bluetooth Settings] - [Bluetooth Mode] to [Transmitter] or [Off].
  • Turn off the speaker system or mobile device.