If Wireless Transmission Is Unstable

If you use multiple wireless systems, such as a wireless LAN, the wireless signals may become unstable. In this case, the transmission may be improved by changing the following setting.

  1. Press HOME.

    The home menu appears on the TV screen.

  2. Select [Setup] - [Advanced Settings] on the home menu.
  3. Select [Speaker Settings] - [Wireless Speaker Settings] - [RF Channel].
  4. Select the setting you want.
    • [On]: Normally select this. The speaker system automatically selects the better channel for transmission. A stronger mode for wireless interference.
    • [Off]: The speaker system selects a channel from the limited frequency band to prevent external wireless interference. If sound dropping occurs while [On] is selected, it may be improved by selecting [Off].


  • If you change the [RF Channel] setting from [Off] to [On], it may take 1 minute to reconnect.
  • This setting does not appear depending on countries/regions.