When the TV Remote Control Does not Work

When the bar speaker obstructs the remote control sensor of the TV, the TV remote control may not work. In that case, enable the IR repeater function of the speaker system.

You can control the TV with the TV remote control by sending the remote signal from the rear of the bar speaker.

  1. Press HOME.

    The home menu appears on the TV screen.

  2. Select [Setup] - [Advanced Settings] on the home menu.
  3. Select [System Settings] - [IR-Repeater].

    The [IR-Repeater] screen appears on the TV screen.

  4. Select [On].


  • Be sure to check that the TV remote control cannot control the TV, and then set [IR-Repeater] to [On]. If it is set to [On] when the remote control can control the TV, appropriate operation may not be obtained because of the interference between the direct command from the remote control and command via the bar speaker.
  • Even if [IR-Repeater] is set to [On], this function may not work depending on your TV. Also, the remote controls of other devices such as an air conditioner may not work correctly. In this case, change the installation position of the speaker system or TV.