[Network Settings]

[Wi-Fi Connection]

[On]: Enables Wi-Fi connection of the speaker system.

[Off]: Disables Wi-Fi connection of the speaker system.

[Internet Settings]

You can set the network settings and check the network connections.

[Network Connection Status]

You can display the current network connection status.

[Software Update Notification]

[On]: Sets the speaker system to inform you of the latest software version information.

[Off]: Off

[Auto Update Settings]

  • [Auto Update]

    [On]: Software is updated automatically between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. local time in the selected [Time Zone] while the speaker system is not in use. If you select [Off] for [Network/Bluetooth Standby], software updates are installed right after you turn off the speaker system.

    [Off]: Off

  • [Time Zone]

    Select your area/city.


  • Software update may be performed even if you select [Off] in [Auto Update] depending on the details of the updates.
  • Software update is performed automatically within 11 days of a new software release.
  • If you agree to use the Chromecast built-in function, [Auto Update] automatically switches to [On].

[Privacy Setting]

The speaker system collects the information of your device usage. Read the privacy policy, which will appear when this setting is required, and decide whether you agree to information gathering.

[Agree]: Select this when you accept information gathering.

[Do not agree]: Select this when you do not accept information gathering.


  • Even if you have selected [Agree], you will be able to stop information gathering by reselecting [Do not agree] or resetting [Network Settings] to the factory default via [Resetting].

[Chromecast built-in]

You can set sharing of usage data and confirm the Chromecast built-in feature.

  • [Share usage data]

    [On]: Provides information related to the use of the cast feature to Google.

    [Off]: Off

  • [About Chromecast built-in]

    Displays the reference URLs for the Chromecast built-in feature.