Listening to Sound with Paired Headphones

  1. Set the BLUETOOTH function of the headphones to on.
  2. Press HOME.

    The home menu appears on the TV screen.

  3. Select [Setup] - [Advanced Settings] on the home menu.
  4. Select [Bluetooth Settings] - [Bluetooth Mode] - [Transmitter].

    The speaker system enters BLUETOOTH transmission mode and the speaker system automatically reconnects to the headphones that was most recently connected to.

  5. Return to the home menu, select [Watch] or [Listen], and select the input.

    The image of the selected input appears on the TV screen, [BT TX] appears in the front panel display, then the sound is output from the headphones.

    Sound from the speaker system is muted at the same time.

  6. Adjust the volume.

    Adjust the volume level of the headphones first. Then, adjust the volume level of the headphones with +/ on the bar speaker or (volume) +/ on the remote control.

To disconnect the paired headphones

Perform any of the following items.

  • Disable the BLUETOOTH function on the headphones.
  • Set [Setup] - [Advanced Settings] - [Bluetooth Settings] - [Bluetooth Mode] to [Receiver] or [Off].
  • Turn off the speaker system or headphones.
  • Select the device name of the connected headphones from [Setup] - [Advanced Settings] - [Bluetooth Settings] - [Device List].
    [Connected] of the device name disappears.