Bracket Settings: Cont. Bracket

still image

Shoots multiple images while automatically shifting the exposure from base to darker and then to lighter. You can select an image that suits your purpose after recording.

  1. Select (Bracket) by turning the drive mode dial.
    • Turn the drive mode dial while holding down the drive mode dial lock release button.
  2. MENU (Shooting) → [Drive Mode][Bracket Settings][Bracket Type][Cont. Bracket] → desired mode.
    • The setting screen for [Bracket Type] can be displayed by pressing the Fn button.
  3. Adjust the focus and shoot the image.
    • The base exposure is set at the first shot.
    • Keep pressing and holding the shutter button until bracket shooting is finished.

Menu item details

For example, the camera shoots a total of three images continuously with an exposure value shifted by plus or minus 0.3 EV when [Cont. Bracket: 0.3EV 3 Image] is selected.


  • The last shot is shown on the auto review.


  • When [ISO AUTO] is selected in [Manual Exposure] mode, the exposure is changed by adjusting the ISO value. If a setting other than [ISO AUTO] is selected, the exposure is changed by adjusting the shutter speed.
  • When the exposure is compensated, the exposure is shifted based on the compensated value.
  • Bracket shooting is unavailable in the following shooting modes:
    • [Intelligent Auto]
  • When the flash is used, the product performs flash bracket shooting, which shifts the amount of flash light even if [Cont. Bracket] is selected. Press the shutter button for each image.