Bluetooth Rmt Ctrl

You can operate the camera using a Bluetooth remote commander (sold separately). For details on compatible remote commander, visit the Sony web site in your area, or consult your Sony dealer or local authorized Sony service facility.

Select MENU (Network) → [Bluetooth][Bluetooth Function][On] in advance. Refer to the instruction manual for the Bluetooth remote commander as well.

  1. On the camera, select MENU (Network) → [Transfer/Remote][Bluetooth Rmt Ctrl][On].
    • If there is no Bluetooth device currently paired with the camera, the screen for pairing as described in Step 2 will appear.
  2. On the camera, select MENU (Network) → [Bluetooth][Pairing] to display the screen for pairing.
  3. On the Bluetooth remote commander, perform pairing.
    • For details, refer to the instruction manual for the Bluetooth remote commander.
  4. On the camera, select [OK] on the confirmation screen for the Bluetooth connection.
    • Pairing is complete, and you can now operate the camera from the Bluetooth remote commander. After pairing the device once, you can connect the camera and the Bluetooth remote commander again in the future by setting [Bluetooth Rmt Ctrl] to [On].

Menu item details

Enables Bluetooth remote commander operation.
Disables Bluetooth remote commander operation.


  • The Bluetooth connection is only active while you are operating the camera using the Bluetooth remote commander.


  • When you initialize the camera, the pairing information is also deleted. To use the Bluetooth remote commander, perform pairing again.
  • If the Bluetooth connection is unstable, remove any obstacles, such as people or metal objects from between the camera and the paired Bluetooth remote commander.
  • The following functions cannot be used when [Bluetooth Rmt Ctrl] is set to [On].
    • Linking location information with a smartphone
    • Infrared remote commander
    • Power-saving mode
  • If the function does not work properly, check the following notes and then try pairing again.
    • Confirm that the camera is not connected with other devices using the Bluetooth function.
    • Confirm that [Airplane Mode] for the camera is set to [Off].
    • Execute [Reset Network Set.] of the camera.