Viewing information on the display panel

The display panel provides various information on the status of the receiver, such as the sound field.

  1. Select the input for which you want to check information.
  2. Press DISPLAY repeatedly.
    Each time you press DISPLAY, the display will change cyclically as follows:

    Index name of the input (*1) - Input you selected - Sound field currently applied (*2) - Volume level - Stream information (*3)

    When listening to FM radio

    Preset station name (*1) - Frequency - Sound field currently applied (*2) - Volume level

    When receiving RDS broadcasts (for European and Asia-Pacific models only)

    Program service name or preset station name (*1) - Frequency, band and preset number - Sound field currently applied (*2) - Volume level

*1 Index name appears only when you have assigned one to the input or preset station. Index name does not appear if only blank spaces have been entered or it is same as the input name.

*2 [PURE.DIRECT] appears on the display panel when the Pure Direct function is activated.

*3 Stream information may not be displayed.


  • Characters or marks in some languages may not be displayed.