Remote control (lower section)

Use the supplied remote control to operate this receiver.

    Displays the menu on the display panel to operate the receiver.
  2. , ///
    Press /// to select the menu items. Then press to enter the selection.
    Sets the receiver to the BLUETOOTH pairing mode.
  4. HOME
    Displays the home menu on the TV screen.
  5. /, (*),
    Skip, play, pause, stop operation.

    When [FM] is selected as the input, press and hold / to scan stations automatically. Press to change to the direct tuning mode.

    Select preset stations or channels.

    MEMORY (*)
    Stores a station during tuner operation.

  6. + (*)/
    Adjust the volume level of all speakers at the same time.
    Displays information on the display panel.
  8. BACK
    Returns to the previous menu or exits a menu or on-screen guide that is displayed on the TV screen.

  9. Turns off the sound temporarily. Press the button again to restore the sound.

* The /MEMORY and + buttons have tactile dots. Use the tactile dots as a reference when operating the receiver.


  • The above explanations are intended to serve as examples.
  • Depending on the model of your connected device, some functions explained in this section may not work with the supplied remote control.