Setting the Bluetooth Standby mode (BT STANDBY)

You can set the Bluetooth Standby mode so that the receiver can be controlled by a BLUETOOTH device even when the receiver is in standby mode.

This operation is only available using the display panel on the front of the receiver.

  1. Press AMP MENU.
  2. Select [<BT>] - [BT STANDBY] on the display panel.
  3. Select the setting you want.
    • STBY ON: You can turn on the receiver from a BLUETOOTH device.
    • STBY OFF


  • If a previously paired device is paired when the receiver is in standby mode, the (power) indicator on the front panel lights up in amber if [BT STANDBY] is set to [STBY ON].
  • You can only select this parameter when a BLUETOOTH device is paired.