Selecting the Auto Calibration type (CAL TYPE)

You can select a calibration type after you have performed the Auto Calibration and saved the settings.

This operation is only available using the display panel on the front of the receiver.

  1. Press AMP MENU.
  2. Select [<AUTO CAL>] - [CAL TYPE] on the display panel.
  3. Select the setting you want.
    • FULL FLAT: Makes the measurement of frequency from each speaker flat.
    • ENGINEER: Sets to “the Sony listening room standard” frequency characteristics.
    • FRONT REF: Adjusts the characteristics of all of the speakers to match the characteristics of the front speaker.
    • OFF


  • This function does not work in the following cases:
    • [DIRECT] is selected and an analog input is selected.
    • Headphones are connected.
  • The receiver may play signals at a lower sampling frequency than the actual sampling frequency of the input signals, depending on the audio format.