Adjusting the speaker level (Level)

You can adjust the level of each speaker (front left/right, front high left/right, center, surround left/right, surround back left/right and subwoofer).

  1. Select [Speaker Setting] from the home menu.
  2. Select [Level].
  3. Select the speaker on the screen for which you want to adjust the speaker level.
  4. Adjust the level.


  • When one of the sound fields for music is selected, no sound is output from the subwoofer if [Size] for all of the speakers are set to [Large] in the [Speaker Setting] menu. However, sound will be output from the subwoofer if:
    • the digital input signal contains LFE signals.
    • [Size] for the front or surround speakers are set to [Small].
    • [MULTI ST.], [PLII MV], [PLII MS], [PLIIX MV], [PLIIX MS], [HD-D.C.S.] or [A. ENHANCER] is selected.
  • If headphones are connected, you can only set [Level] for [Front Left] and [Front Right].


  • You can also adjust the level of each speaker from the [<LEVEL>] menu on the display panel.