Enjoying an input source from a connected device immediately (One-Touch Play function)

When you play content on a device (Blu-ray Disc player, PlayStation®4, etc.) connected to the receiver, the receiver and the TV are turned on automatically, the input of the receiver is switched to the input of the device being played, and sound is output from the speakers connected to the receiver.


  • If [<HDMI>] - [STBY THRU] is set to [AUTO] or [ON], and the TV sound was output from the speakers of the TV last time you watched the TV, the receiver does not turn on and the sound and picture are output from the TV even if you play content on the device.
  • Depending on the TV, the beginning part of content being played may not play correctly.
  • One-Touch Play function may work with other devices than those manufactured by Sony, but operation is not guaranteed.