List of messages after Auto Calibration measurements

  • Error 30:
    Headphones are connected to the PHONES jack on the front of the receiver. Remove the headphones and retry the Auto Calibration again.
  • Error 31:
    Front speaker system is set to [SPK OFF]. Select the front speaker system you want to operate by pressing SPEAKERS on the receiver repeatedly, then retry the Auto Calibration.
  • Error 32:
    The receiver cannot detect any speaker. Make sure that the calibration microphone is connected securely to the CALIBRATION MIC jack, then retry the Auto Calibration.
  • Error 33: The receiver cannot detect sound from front, surround, surround back, and front high speakers. Check the followings:
    • The calibration microphone is not damaged and is connected to the CALIBRATION MIC jack.
    • All speakers are connected properly.
  • Warning 40:
    The receiver has completed the Auto Calibration and detected a high noise level. Retry the Auto Calibration in a quiet environment for a better result.
  • Warning 41, Warning 42:
    The receiver detects a high level signal from the calibration microphone. The distance between the microphone and speakers may be too short. Place the microphone at listening position apart from the speakers, then retry the Auto Calibration.
  • Warning 43:
    The receiver cannot detect distance and position of subwoofer. This may be caused by noise. Retry the Auto Calibration in a quiet environment.