Enjoying audio content stored on a USB device

You can enjoy music from a USB device by connecting it to the (USB) port on the receiver.

  1. Select [Listen] - [USB] from the home menu.
    When the USB device is connected, [USB] lights up on the display panel. You can operate the USB device using the remote control of the receiver.
  2. Select the content you want using /.
    The selected content starts playing and the track number appears on the display panel.

Operating the USB device using the remote control

Press USB before you use the following buttons:

  • : Starts or pauses playback.
  • : Stops playback.
  • /: Moves to the start of the previous/current or next track.


  • To listen to music files stored on your Walkman, you need to drag and drop the files in formats supported by the receiver (such as MP3) from your computer to the Walkman. However, music files transferred to the Walkman using Media Go can be played back on the receiver because the files are stored in the [Music] folder.
  • Audio content with DRM (Digital Rights Management) copyright protection cannot be played on this receiver.