5. Performing Auto Calibration

You can perform automatic calibration from your listening position.

  1. Select [Easy Setup] from the home menu.
  2. Follow the instructions on the TV screen, then select [Start].

    The measurement starts in a few seconds.
    The measurement process will take approximately 30 seconds with a test tone.
    When the measurement ends, a beep sounds and the screen switches.

  3. Select the item you want.
    • Retry: Performs the Auto Calibration again.
    • Save&Exit: Saves the measurement results and exits the setting process.
    • Exit: Exits the setting process without saving the measurement results.
    For details on the measurement results, see “6. Checking Auto Calibration results.”
  4. Save the measurement results.

    Select [Save&Exit] in step 3.



  • The Auto Calibration function will be canceled if you perform the following during the measurement process:
    • Press .
    • Press the input buttons on the remote control or turn the INPUT SELECTOR on the receiver.
    • Press HOME, AMP MENU or on the remote control.
    • Press SPEAKERS on the receiver.
    • Change the volume level.
    • Connect headphones.