Echo Canceling function

The Echo Canceling function reduces reverberation that may occur when using the Social Viewing functions such as Skype while watching TV programs. This function can be used if the TV supports the Social Viewing functions. For details, refer to the operating instructions of the TV.


  • The Echo Canceling function works when you select [TV] or an HDMI input jack to which the device is connected as the input on the receiver.
  • When you use the Social Viewing function, the input of the receiver is switched automatically to the input to which the TV is connected, even if another HDMI input jack has been selected. The sound from the Social Viewing function and the TV will be output from the speakers connected to the receiver.
  • This function cannot be used when the sound is output from the TV.
  • The Echo Canceling function is a function developed by Sony, and cannot be used on other devices than those manufactured by Sony.