Receiving RDS broadcasts (for European and Asia-Pacific models only)

This receiver allows you to use Radio Data System (RDS), which enables FM radio stations (*) to send additional information along with the regular programming signal. This receiver offers convenient RDS features, such as Program Service name display.

* Not all FM stations provide RDS service, nor do they provide the same type of services. If you are not familiar with the RDS services in your area, check with your local radio stations for details.

  1. Select [Listen] - [FM] from the home menu.
  2. Select a station.

    When you tune to a station that provides RDS services, the Program Service name appears on the display panel.


  • RDS may not work properly if the station you tuned to does not transmit the RDS signal or if the signal strength is weak.
  • Some letters that can be displayed on the TV screen cannot be displayed on the display panel.


  • You can check the frequency while a Program Service name is displayed by pressing DISPLAY repeatedly.