Controlling the receiver using a smartphone or tablet device (SongPal)

SongPal is a dedicated app for operating SongPal-compatible audio devices manufactured by Sony using a smartphone or tablet device.
Search for SongPal on Google Play or the App Store and download to your smartphone or tablet device.

SongPal allows you to:

  • change commonly used settings, selecting the input of the receiver and adjusting the volume.
  • enjoy music content stored on a smartphone on the receiver.
  • enjoy music visually with your smartphone display.

  1. Download the SongPal application to your mobile device.
  2. Connect the receiver and mobile device by BLUETOOTH connection.
  3. Launch SongPal and follow the on-screen instructions.

    After the connection is completed, you can control the receiver using SongPal.


  • SongPal uses the BLUETOOTH functions of the receiver.
  • SongPal does not support iPad.
  • Specifications and design of SongPal may change without prior notice.