Power indicator

  • Green: The receiver is turned on.
  • Amber: The receiver is in standby mode, and you have set one of the following:
    • [CTRL HDMI] is set to [CTRL ON].
    • [STBY THRU] is set to [ON] or [AUTO].
    • [BT STANDBY] is set to [STBY ON]. (*)

    Indicator turns off when the receiver is in standby mode and:

    • [CTRL HDMI] is set to [CTRL OFF].
    • [STBY THRU] is set to [OFF].
    • [BT STANDBY] is set to [STBY OFF].

* When [BT STANDBY] is activated, the indicator only lights in amber when a device has been paired with the receiver. If there are no devices paired with the receiver, the indicator turns off.