2-channel sound mode/Multi channel stereo mode (2CH/MULTI)

Direct (DIRECT):
Presets the sound as it was recorded/encoded without adding any surround effects.

However, for USA and Canada models, this receiver will generate a low-frequency signal for output to the subwoofer when there is no LFE signals.

Multi Channel Stereo (MULTI ST.):
Outputs 2-channel left/right or monaural signals from all speakers. However, sound may not be output from certain speakers depending on the speaker settings.
2ch Stereo (2CH STEREO):
The receiver outputs the sound from the front left/right speakers only. There is no sound from the subwoofer.
Standard 2-channel stereo sources completely bypass the sound field processing and multi-channel surround formats are downmixed to 2-channels.


  • [MULTI ST.] does not work when multi-channel audio signals are being received.
  • Depending on the audio format, if you select [DIRECT] and play a 5.1ch source when surround speakers and two surround back speakers are connected, the same audio as that from surround speakers will be output from surround back speakers, similar to that of a 7.1ch surround system. The sound level of surround and surround back speakers are adjusted automatically for optimum balance.