Still/Movie/S&Q dial and mode dial

You can use the Still/Movie/S&Q dial and mode dial to select a shooting mode according to the subject and purpose of shooting.

Still/Movie/S&Q dial

Use the Still/Movie/S&Q dial to select a shooting mode.

  • Turn the Still/Movie/S&Q dial while pressing the lock release button on the front of the Still/Movie/S&Q dial.

Illustration showing the range of the still image shooting mode, movie recording mode, and slow-motion/quick-motion shooting mode on the Still/Movie/S&Q dial

(A) Still image shooting mode

(B) Movie recording mode

(C) Slow-motion/quick-motion shooting mode


  • The displayed menu items vary depending on the Still/Movie/S&Q dial position.
  • When shooting a time-lapse movie, set the Still/Movie/S&Q dial to S&Q, and select [Time-lapse].

Mode dial

The exposure mode you select determines how the aperture (F value) and shutter speed are adjusted.

  • Turn the mode dial while pressing the mode dial lock release button in the center of the mode dial.

Mode dial Exposure mode Description
(Auto) Intelligent Auto The camera shoots with automatic scene recognition ( Intelligent Auto ).
P Program Auto Allows you to shoot with the exposure adjusted automatically (both the shutter speed and the aperture value). You can set shooting functions such as [ISO] .
A Aperture Priority The aperture value is given priority and the shutter speed is adjusted automatically. Select this when you want to blur the background or focus on the entire screen.
S Shutter Priority The shutter speed is given priority and the aperture value is adjusted automatically. Select this when you want to shoot a fast-moving subject without blurring, or when you want to shoot a water or light trail.
M Manual Exposure Manually adjust both the aperture value and shutter speed. You can shoot with your favorite exposure.
1 / 2 / 3 Recall Camera Setting You can call up frequently used modes and numerical value settings that have been registered* in advance then shoot the images.

*In [Camera Set. Memory], you can register various shooting settings, such as the exposure mode (P/A/S/M), aperture (F value), and shutter speed.

The method for setting the exposure in the movie recording modes depends on the MENU (Shooting) → [Shooting Mode][Exposure Ctrl Type] setting.

When [Exposure Ctrl Type] is set to [P/A/S/M Mode]:

Select the desired exposure mode using the mode dial.

When [Exposure Ctrl Type] is set to [Flexible Exp. Mode]:

The aperture value, shutter speed, and ISO sensitivity can be switched between the automatic setting and manual setting by using the following functions assigned to custom keys.

  • Aperture value
    [L.PressAv Auto/Manual]
  • Shutter speed
    [L.PressTv Auto/Manual]
  • ISO sensitivity
    [L.PressISO Auto/Manual]
If you select the manual setting, turn the front dial, rear dial L, or control wheel and set the desired value.