Flash Timing Setting

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Sets whether to fire the flash and adjust the flash timing manually.

If high-speed sync flash firing does not provide enough light, you can shoot with a more appropriate amount of light by adjusting the timing of the flash to match the exposure timing of the camera.

  1. MENU (Exposure/Color) → [Flash][Flash Timing Setting][On] → Set the flash timing to the desired value.
    • The flash will start firing earlier according to the set amount of time.

Menu item details

Adjusts the flash timing manually. (0 microseconds to 1000 microseconds)
Does not adjust the flash timing.


  • You can adjust the flash timing during actual shooting by assigning [Flash Timing Adjust.] to the desired dial using [Custom Key/Dial Set.] or [My Dial Settings].
  • The [Flash Timing Setting] setting also applies to flashes connected to the (flash sync) terminal.


  • If the shutter speed of the camera is shorter than the flash duration, the amount of light reflected in the exposure will be small. In this case, set the light amount to a larger value and readjust the flash timing.
  • Even if the flash you use is the same, the proper flash timing will vary depending on shooting conditions such as distance to the subject, etc. When the shooting conditions change, adjust the flash timing again before shooting.
  • When [Flash Timing Setting] is set to [On], the brightness may change with each shot depending on the camera and flash settings. You may be able to reduce variations in brightness by shooting as follows.
    • Increase the light intensity of the flash.
    • Decrease the shutter speed.
    • Increase the interval between shots.
  • Changing the flash timing may change the color tone. In this case, adjust the color tone with the custom white balance.
  • When [Flash Timing Setting] is set to [On], high-speed flash sync is not available.