Using a flash with a sync terminal cord

  1. Open the cover of (flash sync) terminal, and connect the cord.


  • If the screen is too dark to check the composition, set [Live View Display] under [Live View Display Set.] to [Setting Effect OFF] to make it easy to check the composition when shooting with a flash.
  • Flashes that have a sync terminal with reversed polarity can be used with this product.
  • When performing flash shooting with the flash connected to only the (flash sync) terminal, set [Sync Terminal Settings] to [Always].


  • Set the exposure mode to manual exposure (other than ISO AUTO is recommended for ISO sensitivity), and set the shutter speed to the slower of the following values or slower:
    • Flash sync speed
    • The shutter speed recommended by the flash.
    The flash sync speed when the flash is connected to the (flash sync) terminal is 1/500 seconds.
  • Use flashes with a sync voltage of 400 V or lower.
  • Turn off the flash connected to the sync cord when you connect the sync cord to the (flash sync) terminal. Otherwise, the flash may emit light when the sync cord is connected.
  • The flash power is set by the flash. You cannot set the power from the camera.
  • Auto white balance function is not recommended. Use the custom white balance function to achieve a more accurate white balance.
  • When a flash is connected to the (flash sync) terminal, the flash indicator will not be displayed.