Creating still images from Shot Marks

While playing back a movie, you can create still images from movie frames with Shot Marks.

This function can be used when the camera’s system software (firmware) is Ver.2.00 or later.

  1. Play back a movie with Shot Mark(s).
  2. MENU(Playback) → [Edit][Create Still Image].
    By registering [Create Still Image] to [Custom Key Setting] or [Fn Menu Settings], you can easily call up [Create Still Image].

About the still images created

  • You can select either the JPEG or HEIF format for the still images to be created. You can switch the format by selecting MENU(Playback) → [Edit][ JPEG/HEIF Switch].
  • The size of the still image created will be the same size as the movie being recorded, depends on the [File Format] setting.
  • Created still images are recorded on the memory card in the same slot as the movie, regardless of the [Recording Media] setting.


  • If you set [Auto Switch Media] to [On] and play back a movie across two memory card slots, still images will only be created for Shot Marks added to the movie after switching slots.