NR Shooting Settings

still image

You can create low-noise images that cannot be achieved with normal shooting by continuously shooting 4 to 32 RAW images and then combining them on a computer. To combine multiple RAW images, dedicated software is needed.

  1. MENU (Shooting) → [Composite RAW Sht.][NR Shooting Settings][NR Shooting][On].
  2. MENU (Shooting) → [Composite RAW Sht.][NR Shooting Settings] → Select an item to set, and then select the desired setting.
  3. Press the shutter button.

    The specified number of RAW images will be shot continuously.

Menu item details

NR Shooting:
Sets whether to perform noise reduction shooting. ([On]/[Off])
RAW File Type:
Sets the file format of RAW images recorded with noise reduction shooting. ([Uncompressed]/[Lossless Comp]/[Compressed])
Number of Shots:
Sets the number of images shot with noise reduction shooting. ([4 shots]/[8 shots]/[16 shots]/[32 shots])


  • You can import the recorded RAW images to a computer and combine them using Imaging Edge Desktop (Viewer).
  • You can also perform [NR Shooting] using Imaging Edge Desktop (Remote).
  • For details on how to use Imaging Edge Desktop, refer to the following support site.


  • RAW images recorded with [NR Shooting] cannot be combined using the camera. Use Imaging Edge Desktop (Viewer) to combine the images.
  • The number of RAW images set in [Number of Shots] will be recorded with the same settings.
  • When using [NR Shooting], the settings are locked as follows.
    • [File Format] under [Image Quality Settings]: [RAW]
    • [RAW File Type] under [Image Quality Settings]: the file type set in [RAW File Type] under [NR Shooting Settings]
    • [Flash Mode]: [Flash Off]
    • [Sync Terminal Settings]: [Auto]
  • The focus is locked to the position in the first shot.
  • When the internal memory for buffering does not have enough space for the number of images set in [Number of Shots], shooting cannot be started. To confirm the remaining capacity of the memory for buffering, use [Remain Shoot Display].
  • Bulb shooting cannot be performed when using [NR Shooting].
  • The shutter speed cannot be set slower than 1/30 second when using [NR Shooting].
  • If the shooting mode is set to a mode other than P/A/S/M, you cannot perform [NR Shooting].