Main menu (shooting setting list)

Select the (Main) tab on the menu screen to display a list of shooting settings. You can confirm the settings before shooting or for each scene, and also change the settings directly from this screen.

Main menu for shooting still images

Main 1

Illustration of the screen of the main menu

  1. Shutter Speed *

  2. Aperture *

  3. Exposure Comp.

  4. ISO

  5. Format

  6. Image Quality Settings

  7. Aspect Ratio

  8. Rec. Media Settings

  9. Shoot Mode

  10. Drive Mode

  11. Flash Mode

  12. Flash Comp.

  13. Wireless Flash

  14. Flash Timing Setting

  15. White Balance

  16. Focus Area

  17. Remaining battery level

* When the shooting mode is [Program Auto], the shutter speed and aperture value are displayed in the same area. You can perform Program Shift by selecting the area.

Main menu for shooting movies

Main 1

Illustration of the screen of the main menu

  1. Rec Frame Rate/ Rec Frame Rate (when shooting slow-motion/quick-motion movies)/ Rec Frame Rate (when shooting time-lapse)

  2. Shutter Speed

  3. Aperture

  4. ISO

  5. White Balance

  6. Picture Profile

  7. File Format

  8. Record Setting/ S&Q Settings (when shooting slow-motion/quick-motion movies)/ Record Setting (when shooting time-lapse)

  9. Gamma Display Assist

  10. Gamma Disp. Assist Typ.

  11. Proxy Recording

  12. Wind Noise Reduct.

  13. Audio Rec Level

Main 2

Illustration of the screen of the main menu

  1. Log Shooting Setting

  2. Shooting

  3. Format

  4. Recording Media

  5. File Settings

  6. Shoot Mode

  7. SteadyShot

  8. Focus Area

  9. Subject Recog in AF

  10. Recognition Target

  11. Remaining battery level


  • If you assign the [Display Main Menu] function to the desired key using the custom key settings, you can also open the Main menu by pressing the assigned key.
  • You can open the setting screens by touching the icons on the main menu when [Touch Operation] is set to [On] and [Menu Screen] under [Touch Panel Settings] is set to [On].