Automatic creation of still images from Shot Marks

movie, slow&quick motion

If you add Shot Marks using a custom key while recording a movie, you can automatically create still images from the movie frames with Shot Marks after recording. Shot Marks can also be added using the shutter button or touch function icon.

If you want to create still images while checking the images with Shot Marks after recording a movie, use [Create Still Image].

This function can be used when the camera’s system software (firmware) is Ver.2.00 or later.

  1. MENU(Shooting) → [Shooting Option][AutoCreateStillImage] → desired setting.

Menu item details

Creates still images from frames with Shot Marks after recording a movie. A message appears while still image creation is in progress, and you cannot shoot new images during this time.
Does not create still images from frames with Shot Marks after recording a movie.

About the still images created

  • You can select either the JPEG or HEIF format for the still images to be created. You can switch the format by selecting MENU(Shooting) → [Image Quality/Rec][JPEG/HEIF Switch].
  • The size of the still images created will be the same size as the movie being recorded, according to the [File Format] setting.
  • Created still images are recorded on the memory card in the same slot as the movie, regardless of the [Recording Media] setting.


  • When [Recording Media] is set to [Simult. Recording], automatically created still images are recorded only on the memory card in the slot selected for [Play Set of Multi. Media].
  • When recording a movie across two memory card slots, still images are only created for Shot Marks added to the movie after switching slots.