Pre-Capture Settings

still image

You can start shooting slightly before you press the shutter button when using continuous shooting. The camera starts and keeps shooting still images while the shutter button is pressed halfway down or a custom key is pressed (pre-capture), and images shot from the specified number of seconds before the shutter button was fully pressed are recorded retrospectively.

[Pre-Capture] can only be used when the drive mode is set to [Cont. Shooting].

  1. MENU (Shooting) → [Drive Mode][Pre-Capture Settings] → desired setting item.

Menu item details

Sets whether to use the pre-capture function. ([On]/[Off])
Pre-Capture Rec Time:
Sets the number of seconds to go back when using the pre-capture function. ([0.005 seconds][1.0 second])
Pre-Captr. Start Trigger:
Sets the button to execute the pre-capture function. ([Shutter Half Press]/[AF Assign Btn]/[Both Valid])
When [AF Assign Btn] or [Both Valid] is set, the pre-capture function can be executed by pressing the key to which the AF On function has been assigned using [Custom Key/Dial Set.].
If [AF w/ Shutter] is set to [On], pre-capturing will be performed by pressing the shutter button halfway regardless of the setting for [Pre-Captr. Start Trigger]. If you do not want to execute pre-capturing with the shutter button, set as follows.
  • MENU (Focus) → [AF/MF][AF w/ Shutter][Off].
  • Set [Pre-Captr. Start Trigger] to [AF Assign Btn].


  • If you use the [Remain Shoot Display] function, the remaining recording capacity display will be a guideline for the pre-capturing state. The remaining recording capacity decreases during pre-capturing and becomes constant after the amount of time set in [Pre-Capture Rec Time] has elapsed. When pre-capturing is stopped, the remaining shooting capacity is restored.
  • Images shot during pre-capturing and images shot after pressing the shutter button are in the same group when played back. Images with a (pre-capture) icon displayed on the playback screen are images shot during pre-capturing.


  • Even if the [Pre-Capture Rec Time] setting is the same, if the continuous shooting speed is different, the number of recorded images will be different.
  • When the continuous shooting speed is set to [120 images/s] or [60 images/s] and [Pre-Capture] is set to [On], the minimum shutter speed is 1/30 second. When the continuous shooting speed is set to [30 images/s] or slower and [Pre-Capture] is set to [On], the minimum shutter speed is 1/8 second.
  • Depending on the combination of continuous shooting speed and image quality settings, you may not be able to record retroactively for the number of seconds set in [Pre-Capture Rec Time].
  • During pre-capturing, [Auto Magnifier in MF] cannot be used.
  • When the focus mode is AF-C (Continuous AF), even if [Full Time DMF] is set to [On], you cannot focus with the lens focus ring while the pre-capture function is running.
  • The pre-capture function cannot be used in the following situations.
    • During focus magnification
    • When [Flash Mode] is set to [Fill-flash]/[Slow Sync.]/[Rear Sync.]
    • When [Sync Terminal Settings] is set to [Always]
  • When the continuous shooting speed is high, the temperature of the camera tends to rise. Therefore, depending on the temperature of the shooting environment, pre-capturing may be stopped to protect the camera.